G. Wayne Holt

Ultra High Performance Boats

YEAR - 1984
MODEL - 18' Allison XST Bass Boat
COLOR - Two Tone Grey
MOTOR - Mercury 115 HP
OTHER INFO - Hey guys. Attached are some pictures of the boat that my dad and I have been restoring. It is an ’84 Allison Craft fishing boat, not racing. You might want to click on the last two pictures first to really get a feel for what all we have done. In a nutshell we have, replaced the carpet, stripped all of the wiring out of the boat and ran all new wiring (lights and gauges) with a fuse block added, replaced the trolling motor, a new trailer, all new gauges, went from a ‘78 115hp in line 6 to an ‘89 150 V-block Mercury installed on a jack plate, repainted the sides, new winch for trailer, new thru-hull connectors, new wedge block, batteries, bilge pump, aerator, decals on the outside and inside, new depth finders, flashers, wheels and tires, drained the gas tank and replaced fuel filters, and re-conditioned the power trim motor. Those are some of the things I can name off my head that we did nobody else; However, I can assure you we have done more. The boat is still not finished. I will run a red (original color) stripe (1/2” wide) on the outside from the rear to the front. It will run on the crease line of the boat into Allison decal. As you can see in the last pictures, it had an orange stripe. The trailer will be painted red, with gray pin stripes. All lights will be replaced on the trailer. You can see some wiring hanging in one of the pictures, all of the will be placed in convoluted tubing for neatness. There are some minor things to do to the inside, as far as some holes are concerned and re-attaching the handles. The motor will be re-painted as well and attain new seats. We ran the boat this weekend for the first time and it did excellent. It pulls some to the right, so we adjusted the trim tab and might have some tweaking to do with the jackplate possibly. The project is almost through and as you can see it has come a long ways. My dad and I have worked hard and are proud of it. So now I can say to ya’ll, lets go fishing!!!