Jason Patterson

Ultra High Performance Boats

YEAR - 1997
MODEL - XS-2003 GrandSport 
COLOR - Red/White/Black
MOTOR200 Merc ProMax EFI - Tweaked
SET BACK - 6" offsetter
ENGINE HEIGHT - 1/2" below pad
GEAR CASE Bob's Big Foot with 1.87:1/heavy duty bearing carrier
PROP14.5 X 28 Blueprinted Hoss
TOP SPEEDGPS 92 mph optimal conditions
RPM - 7200 
OTHER INFO - The 200 EFI ProMax has a G-Force Tuner,printed heads, CF reeds. The upgrade to EFI made a big difference as did the Hoss prop. The midrange acceleration is seat-pinning and the top end is great. Still working to break 100! Later!