Jim Tucker

Ultra High Performance Boats

YEAR - 1981
MODEL - XTS Tournament Bass
COLOR - Blue/Gray
MOTOR - 150 hp Evinrude
ENGINE HEIGHT - 2 1/2 inches below pad
GEAR CASE - Stock Evinrude
PROP24 pitch 14.5 inch Raker
TOP SPEED - low 90s
RPM - 5800
OTHER INFO - I rebuild older boats or repair newer ones. This boat was purchased as one that had seen a lot of abuse but still held a lot of promise. I have replaced the transom and repaired the stringers, braces and floor as well as repaired several cuts, tears and holes in the bottom. I  refinished the bottom back to the original color and repaired the finish on the top hull. It has the original outboard and trolling motor but the electronics and live well plumbing/configuration are new. It's a very nice boat.