Ultra High Performance Boats

Joe McCauley was kind enough to send these vintage pics and some history behind them.

1981 13' Allison with 7" pad/1975 75 Evinrude 12x22" self-modified OMC cleavers 67+ mph set up for APBA EP Class/transom height 20.5", setback 1 1/2" 72+ mph set up for straightaway, 7" setback, half the bullet out of the water (with the same motor on Darris's old XR14, I held the EP straightaway record at 70.560 mph until the class was defunct.)

The second photo is 20 'Allison with factory sponsored 150 cu. in. 235 Evinrude at 4 hour Lake Havasu Marathon in 1979, 25" cleaver. Owner was Fred Schoellkoph, Houston. I'm driving all three boats in the photos.

The third photo is a XR 14 made by Darris Allison in 1979. APBA EP class record at 70.560 mph in Waco, TX., Fall, 1981. Record was never broken. Also below is an article by Trailer Boats from 1982.

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