Joe "RocketMan" Underwood

Ultra High Performance Boats

YEAR - 1997
MODEL - XB-2003
COLOR - White/Teal/Black
MOTOR - 1997 ProMax 225
SET BACK - 15 1/2"
ENGINE HEIGHT - 1/4 below pad
GEAR CASE - Modified Sportmaster 1:87
PROP - 30p Mazco RE3 Mercury 26p Trophy
TOP SPEED - GPS 98.6 Light Load Solo
RPM - Rev Limiter
OTHER INFO - Special Thanks to: HARTZEL LILY of Satsuma, Alabama. Land and Sea 35cc Heads, Exhaust Relieved, GForce Exhaust Tuner, Lightweight Flywheel, CMC Hydraulic Jackplate with Allison manual plate, Homemade engine temp Sensor switch/adjustment (open/no sensor, through stock sensor, and through resistor simulating specific engine temp). Motorguide Beast W/PowerGator Mount, Dual Lorance LCD, GPS.