Robert Beers

Ultra High Performance Boats

YEAR - 1990 
MODEL - XB - 2002 
COLOR - Dark Blue/Gray
MOTOR - 98 Merc ProMax w/mods
SET BACK - 10" T&H 
ENGINE HEIGHT - Prop shaft even w/pad
GEAR CASE - Std.200 w/Bob's cone
PROP - 28" Yam drag, 26" Trophy  
RPM - 6500 to 7000
TOP SPEED - Undetermined
OTHER INFO - Custom built motor, ProMax block & pistons, pre oilier 2.4 crank w/balanced sm. rods, race brings. throughout, big top brng. laser EFI mod. w/Bosch reg., Rapair digital ECU. Boat has center steering & fresh paint job. Have not had boat long ,still testing to get dialed in 1st class. I toured the Southern drag boat circuit from 1990 to 1997(son driver) with DSRA, TDBA & ADBA. Served as race cord. four years along with VP one year & really enjoyed the boats, competition & people!