Scott D. Norine 

Ultra High Performance Boats

YEAR - 1997
MODEL - XB-2003 GS
COLOR - White & Bahama Blue
MOTOR - Mercury Pro Max 225
ENGINE HEIGHT - Prop CL 1/4"  in H2O
GEAR CASE - Modified Sport Master
PROP - Hoss 14.5X32, OMC SRX - 29
TOP SPEED - Previous Owner - 98 MPH Best
RPM - Previous Owner - 6650 Max
OTHER INFO - Recently purchased & have not driven yet! Can't wait to see how fast I can drive it safely when I get some seat time. Previously driven HydroStreams and I wanted an Allison the first time I saw one. The summers should be much more fun from now on. Engine and boat are as they came from the factory except for GPS speedometer.