Dennis Steele

Ultra High Performance Boats

YEAR - 1977 
MODEL - 16-R
COLOR - Orange / White
MOTOR - 77 Johnson 175 Crossflow
ENGINE HEIGHT - Even with pad
GEAR CASE - 1 to 1 Speedmaster
PROP - 16" 
RPM - 6400
OTHER INFO - Purchase in
1994 w/ in line merc XS-155. Removed and installed 175 cross flow I bought new in 77 for $2025.00 Intake has been matched up with the front 1/2 and all sharp corners have been smoothed over, front 1/2 has been open up and matched to block, ports have been widened but raised, intake by pass covers sharpened and fingers leading up to ports sloped, wisco 
pistons, boyseen reeds, exhaust adapter opened up, etc. If anyone knows any tricks on these old cross flows or has any good parts for sale such as light flywheel, etc please contact me by clicking my name: Dennis Steele