Mike Sufka

Ultra High Performance Boats

YEAR - 1993
MODEL - XS - 2003 GSE
COLOR - Red/White/Black
MOTOR - 1997 2.5 EFI
SET BACK - 8 inch panther (manual)
ENGINE HEIGHT - 3/8 inch below pad
GEAR CASE Sportmaster
PROP - 28 pitch Merc Cleaver
RPM - 7800-7900
TOP SPEED - 102 (gaffrig liquid-filled speedo)
OTHER INFO -I found the boat on the internet by accident. Had been wanting an Allison for years, after having owned a hydrostream for the past ten. However, a good deal came up on a STV euroski, which I bought instead. After two years of driving the Euroski, I again focused on my first choice of boats - Allison. The boat I found was in mint condition and in the same colors I would have ordered if I would have bought a new one. I have driven numerous Allisons and feel they are the ultimate boat to own... Still getting mine dialed in and am hoping for some bigger top end numbers, which I will post if I achieve them.