Ultra High Performance Boats

Ever wonder what all those numbers and letters mean in the serial number? Well Larry Owens of Linda's Lakeside Marine contacted Todd at Allison and here's the reply.


ALT = Allison
X1 = 2001 X2 = 2002 X3 = 2003
A = one of first 100 then after 101 is built the A would change to B
19 = nineteenth boat built that year if 01 it was first boat
H = April start at January with A
0 = Year built it could be any number 6 would be 1986 end of year but
could shows as 1987
90 = 1990 year model
DR = Drag Race

This is my serial number ALTX1A19H090DR
This is what I have: XR2001, of the first 100, boat number 19, built in April, of 1990, it's drag race.

This is what I see x2002, one of first 100, 09 the ninth boat built, L = December, 6= 1986, but built as 1987 year model.